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Definition:      A craftsman with extensive skill and experience who prepares surfaces and paints residential homes and other facilities. Performs assigned tasks safely, competently, and efficiently in a timely fashion. Properly cares for equipment and supplies. Attention to detail and quality, utmost important.

Job Requirements

Education:     Minimum High School Diploma or Equivalent.

Experience:    Minimum of five years experience in all phases of residential painting. Supervisory experience preferred.


o   Extensive knowledge of residential painting in the following areas:

o   Visual Color Discrimination - The ability to match or detect differences between colors, including shades of color and brightness

o   Specification Interpretation - Read job orders and evaluate materials to determine work procedure and coating materials required to achieve desired results

o   Application of coatings - Such as paint, lacquer, enamel, glaze and other finishes using pens, brushes, and spray gun

o   Select and mix ingredients - Prepare coating substances according to specifications using paddles or mechanical mixers

o   Clean and prepare surfaces - Clean surfaces in preparation for coating, using cleaning fluids, solvents, scrapers, sandpapers or cloth. Conceal blemishes such as nicks and dents using fillers, putty or caulk

Interpersonal and Communications Skills:

o   Ability to clearly explain steps, provide clear directions, and answer questions about painting processes to employees and subcontractors

o   Adept at establishing relationships with all parties involved in the construction process that facilitate harmonious working relationships during project, and permit prompt resolution of problems and conflicts as they occur.

Organizational Skills:

o   Ability to organize progress of multiple painters and helpers

o   Ability to quickly identify potential schedule conflicts and implement needed resolution

Problem Solving:

o   Requires that alternative solutions be quickly generated to resolve application issues, project delays, and design modifications

Working Conditions:

o   99% of time is spent working at job sites

o   Driving to job site is required

o   Valid driver license is required


o   Finger dexterity/arm hand steadiness

o   The ability to make precise coordinated movements of the fingers, hands and arms to grasp and manipulate brushes and tools to achieve desired visual coating effects at a high level of cosmetic acceptance

o   Requires ability to climb ladders for heights of up to 40 feet, and crawl for distances of 20 feet

o   Ability to lift and manipulate objects of up to 80 lbs for 50 feet is required


o   Normal hazards associated with construction environment

o   Performing physical activities that require considerable use of your arms and legs and moving your whole body, such as climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, and handling of materials


o   Must have a careful and safety conscious approach to work

o   Constant attention to job duties, tools and materials being utilized

Hazards:         Normal hazards associated with a construction environment

Personal Tools Required: 

4 & 8 ft ladders, Paint brushes, Paint Rollers, Multi-Master, Brad Nail Gun, Cordless Drill, Drill Set, Extension Cords, Screwdriver Set, Pry Bars, Measuring Tape, Air Hose, Paint Spray Gun, Compressor, Safety Equipment

Location: San Antonio, TX
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